REX-80 Trolley Speaker

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Rex-80 speaker is Trolley based wireless movable speaker. After the great revolution in the field of mobile portable speakers, the audionicpakistan enhanced with unlimited number, to boost the user experience in the field of entertainment. Though, to increase the user quality experience, audionic presented portable speakers with advance technology and power sound.


Rex-80 portable speaker are one of the greatest leading portable speaker in the history of REX series of Audionic, it advance the user media involvement. It is especially planned, for mobile users who want to devote their quality time on exceptional music.

Play wireless music


User can enjoy music with Bluetooth connection easily.


Karaoke Wired Mic Supported

Connect it with a wired Mic and use it as a loudspeaker.


Aux input 

Plug in your aux cable and play your all-time favorite music track.


Flash drive/USB feature

It is supported with USB flash drive to directly play music tracks.


SD card feature 

It is supported with SD card slot, so you can directly play your files.


FM Radio 

It has built-in FM Radio, so you can continuously listen to your favorite Radio Channels.


Rechargeable Battery:

Its high rechargeable battery feature can stand for long-time.


Portable trolley design

Rex-60 speaker is Trolley based wireless portable speaker.


Drive Unite 

12Inches Woofer + Tweeter 


Frequency Response 

Its Frequency Response is 20Hz ~ 20 KHz.


Output power

Output power is RMS 60W. 


 REX-80 Trolley Speaker
 REX-80 Trolley Speaker

Amazing sound quality

Play Out Loud, Portable Trolley Speaker


Futuristic design with Stylish looks

The amazing black outlook.


Create your lovely experience, all with your black trolley shaped speakers. The round shape blue and black speakers allow user to experience quality sound output. Colour suitable for your living room. Modernize your hearing with colors. Sophisticated design shiny and classy color with black body structure allow user to experience music in grace.


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  • Rechargeable


  • Yes

drive unit

  • 12' Inches woofer + Tweeter


  • RMS 20W

fm radio

  • Yes

aux input

  • Yes


  • Black Metal Finish

micro sd card

  • 1 Year

usb port

  • Yes

karaoke port

  • Yes

wired mic

  • Yes


  • Yes


User Guide

File Size: 7.34 MB

Type: PDF


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Rex Speakers are Wireless Bluetooth speakers easy to pair with any Bluetooth enabled device such as iPhone, iPad or any other Bluetooth enabled device. It has Power Base Technology which delivers high-quality crystal clear sound.  Just plug in USB & play MP3 files directly. Best match for Mobile for those who want to listen music loudly via your mobile speakers.

Make sure your audio input source and Audionic’ Speaker system is turned on Make sure the Your AUDIONIC’S SPEAKERS are properly connected with your Audio input device. Please check the volume on the audio source and Audionic’s speakers as well

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