Classic Masti-7 Trolley Speakers

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Do you want to live in non-stop entertainment? Now it’s all easy with CLASSIC 7-MASTI speaker. This portable speaker enhances the user’s entertainment experience with a large feature and other top notch features as well. Enjoy your favorite music anywhere anytime with CLASSIC 7-MASTI at non-stop level, crossing all the sound barriers with quality sound experience. It is not restricted for your indoor use only, users can also experience it in outdoor with the same quality sound output. It is equipped with number one quality features and specifications; LED Digital Display to enrich user’s visual experience, High range-Bluetooth features allows users to connect with any Bluetooth enabled device easily, It is supported with USB/SD card so users can easily play MP3 files directly and easily, The built-in FM radio allows users to experience favorite radio channels anytime anywhere, Use remote control feature for manually controlling the sound output, One-wireless MIC for user to experience the voice quality, Aux input/Guitar Input allow user to experience quality audio and guitar output, it’s high quality built-in rechargeable battery works up-to 4-6 hours with ease. Also users can connect it with single external DC12V Battery for outdoor purpose. The strong output power with 12 inches plus Tweeter results in extreme quality experience. 

The Black Front-Load Portable Trolley Speaker.

Easy to pair with any Bluetooth enabled device such as iphone, ipad or any other Bluetooth support device.

Remote Control
It offers full function remote control foradjusting/changing output media and levels.

USB Supported
Just Plug in USB and play MP3 files directly.

Wired MIC
It offers wireless MIC, So you can use it as loudspeaker anywhere.

Built-in FM Radio
Don’t miss your favorite program anywhere,it offers built-in FM radio on the go.

It offers long backup rechargeable battery with single go charging.

Just plug in TF Card with your favourite music & enjoy the music.

Adjust your audio according to your Music requirement. 

AUX Input 
You can connect your PC, Mp3/Mp4,iphone/ipad through 3.5mm jack.

Guitar Input
You can connect your guitar in Masti 7. 

 Classic Masti-7 Trolley Speakers
 Classic Masti-7 Trolley Speakers

Big Trolley Speakers

Be First To Get A Non-Stop Entertainment.


Its Black Portable Nature Especially Designed For The Nonstop-Entertainment.

Its black portable nature is specially designed for the provide a classic physical outlook with modern equipped features, which allows users to experience the original sound quality in a modern way.

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  • Yes

battery timing

  • 5-8 Hours


  • Yes

wired mic

  • 1 Wired Mic Port + 1 Guitar Input

wireless mic

  • 2 Wireless Mic

karaoke port

  • Yes

usb port

  • Yes

bluetooth range

  • 10 Meters

led display

  • LED Digital Display

charging time

  • 1-2 Hours


  • 1 Year

micro sd card

  • Yes

aux input

  • Yes

fm radio

  • Yes


  • 30W

drive unit

  • 12 inch


  • Yes

battery capacity

  • DC 12V Terminal Input


  • 5 Band Equalizer / Controller


User Guide

File Size: 7.34 MB

Type: PDF


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Classic Masti Trolley Speakers - Non Stop Entertainment, It offers wireless MIC, So you can use it as loudspeaker anywhere. It offers long backup rechargeable battery with single go charging.

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Classic Masti 7 comes with a wired mic and a wireless remote to operate the speakers with ease.

The trolley attached to the speakers enables it to be carried along despite its weight.