BT-160 Bluetooth Speaker

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Audionic bluetoooth mobile speaker BT-160, despite its mobile friendly size, brings high quality sound out of its strong speaker. Apart from its good sound quality, Bluetune-160 is ULTRA-high performance mobile speaker from the house of Audionic. Its extra compact body allows you to receive phone calls by connecting it with your mobile phone as well as laptops or other Bluetooth enabled devices. Moreover, it delivers full natural sound from its ultra-compact speaker.


Play wireless music

Blue tooth Supported Feature:

It’s Bluetooth supported feature allow users to change tracks directly from your mobile phone, laptop  or any other Bluetooth enable device from afar.


SD/MMC Card Supported:

Users are allowed to play there favorite track directly through SD/MMC card.


Aux feature:

Users can experience quality music through its Aux cable feature.


Powerful Sound: 

It delivers full natural sound from ultra-compact speaker which performances like you never experience before.



It is elegantly designed, light weight, and bar shaped mobile speaker allows deep sound highs.



Enjoy on-the-go audio experience because of its rechargeable battery. 


Rechargeable battery:

Its rechargeable battery gives you the battery backup of around 8-10 hours. Just charge it and take it where ever you go.


Wireless Connectivity: 

It offers wireless connectivity so you can connect your smartphone, tablet PC or other devices and enjoy your listening experience any time anywhere.

 BT-160 Bluetooth Speaker
 BT-160 Bluetooth Speaker

Connectivity is Now, Choice of Everyone.

CHANGE TRACKS FROM YOUR PHONE with Bluetooth Connectivity


Connect Your Experience with Ultra-Sounds of BT-160 Bluetooth Speaker 2.1

Now Available in Red, Black and gray color in reasonable price rates, all according to your needs and demands. Good things come in small packages, same could be said about BT-160. This small sized beautifully designed portable speaker would shock you with its big sound.

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aux input

  • Yes

fm radio

  • Yes


  • Yes


  • Rechargeable


  • Yes


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