Benz Pro-I Headphones

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Style and tech are as perfect as ever. Cutting edge, bright and up-to-date Audionic Benz Pro-I extraordinarily designed with weaving headset that takes your style to the next level. This Earphone is a wonderful choice for real rockers with high stable quality. It looks and sounds great you never have seen before.  The striking design of this earphone set represents awesome style, wonderful ear cushioning and a rich profound bas sound. Benz Pro – I headphones have several features and attributes which suites your requirements and gives you an elegant style that you ever looking for. It has rich deep brass provides you an opportunity to setup your own experience and enjoy music at fullest. It is equipped with head set pads which make it convenient for the users to wear it up quite easily.

Elegant Design & Powerful Sound

Rich Deep Bass:

With fantastic style and fabulous tone quality Benz Pro-I Headphones also has Deep bass that creates a great listening experience. 


30mm High-End:

Built-in 30mm High-End Professional Drive-Unit, it is ready to deliver excessive bass and make your time more enjoyable and pleasant.


Headset Pads:

Highly comfortable to wear and allows headphones to set on head very comfortably. Headphones fit snugly and eliminate external disturbance.


Soft ear pads:

Along with a broad head-band render it is compatible for long-term personal listening. It accompanied with good audio qualities & appreciable sharpness of sound.



The Benz Pro-I Headphones comes with a wired microphone with noise cancellation feature which convenient with voice chat.


3.5mm Stereo Cable:

It comes with 3.5mm Stereo Cable which is compatible with all mobiles & tablets. The Bass & treble mix very well and offers great quality sound output.

 Benz Pro-I Headphones
 Benz Pro-I Headphones

Automatically adjusts audio and upturn the level of noise cancellation.



Colors that matches your Style

The audionic Benz Pro-I Headphones designed to be looked modern and stylish. It is available in two different exciting colors White and Black color with extra audio enhancement with Power bass. The black gives a sophisticated and chic look, while white color gives a simple, decant and an elegant look.

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  • 32 ohms

cable length

  • 1.5m

rated power

  • 100mW

drive unit

  • 30mm


  • 6x5mm


  • 20Hz - 20KHZ


User Guide

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Type: PDF


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Make sure your audio input source is turned on Make sure the Your AUDIONIC’S ON-EAR HEADPOHNE’S connecter is properly inserted into your Audio input device. Please check the volume on the audio source and Audionic’s Headphone as well

The Wear Comfortable On-Ear Series refers to lightweight, ear friendly headsets usually named for the cups that set on top of your ear. These are specially designed headphones with open-backed meaning the leakage of music the world around you. On-Ear headsets are truly brilliant experience of sound quality with sophisticated design. It will provide you with sufficient bass and blocks ambient noise, that is suitable for all work and play situations.