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In order to enhance and give quality time in the field of fun and entertainment, Audionic USB speakers are especially engineered to provide quality sound experience to the desktop/laptop users. U-Desire Speakers are sophisticated speakers with unique design, superior sound quality and amazing outlook.U-club-1  is one of the best USB speakers leading under the 2.0 Multi Media Speaker Category, to enhance your Desktop/Laptop experience that you actually desire, It is especially made for the Desktop/laptop users who wants to spend their quality time on the internet. User can also experience the quality music on U-Desire speakers, these sophisticated speakers provides you the best sound quality. These speakers doesn't require a wall power outlet, as it receives power directly from the computer or laptop's USB port which means  it consumes very less electricity and produce excellent sound quality in reasonable pricing.

USB powered speakers

U-Desire COntains:


High Frequency:

U-desire speakers is supported with high frequency between 120Hz ~ 20 KHz for the high response


High Quality:

 Its drive unite is about 2" x 2



Impedance is about 4 Ohms, 



Distortion is about 0.3% 1W1KHz,


High power:

Power input is 5V/1A USB supported, means it will consume less electricity and produce high quality sound.


Great sound

Sophisticated Speakers


High tech design

It is available in two colors Red and Yellow; each color delivers value to the user in its own way, The bold color on the borders of speakers show the colorful image of the product and at the same time Audionic wants the user lifestyle experience to become colorful and lively that he or she desires.

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  • 3W x 2


  • 120Hz - 20KHz

drive unit

  • 2 inches x 2


  • 4 ohms


  • 0.3% 1W 1KHz


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U Series uniquely designed speakers, 2.0 channel sound, superior output, Usb powered, impressive outlook. Produces a very dynamic sound that can meet people’s all multimedia needs, very ideal for travel and mobility, this set of speakers speak louder than other speakers of bigger sizes. 

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