Mehfil MH-7 Royal

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Mehfil series is a brand new contribution in audionic series, which has a theme ‘’To dress your Religious home Mehfil  (Religious Gathering) with  our Audionic Mehfil speakers”. As a team, we worked hard with our research department on the queries and issues of consumer and came up with the new innovative style speakers for our upcoming idea with name Mehfil on the birthday of our beloved Holly Prophet (P.B.U.H). It’s the happiest moment for all the Muslims of entire world and everyone on this event recall this day with an open heart.

A brilliant addition in the new Mehfil speaker Series, MH-7 Royal is a Portable speaker, with its amazing sound quality, is a perfect choice for celebrations and small gatherings, Play your MH-7 Royal via Bluetooth and enjoy its portablity. You can recharge it with your convenience and use it anywhere you like, indoor and outdoor. It has been equipped with 2 subwoofers of 4' inches each. Its Digital LED display makes it even more convenient and stylish. You can even play this with an AUX cable connected through your mobile phone or a USB drive. 


Mehfil Bring you All Together in ONE

Perfect choice for your indoor Mehfils and gatherings, MH-7 Royal has features that makes it stand out from the crowd. 

Digital LED Display feature:

It has quality digital LED display to make your visual experience the best.


Rechargeable Battery:

It carries rechargeable battery which last for long hours.


Wired MIC:

You can wire your speakers to use it as a mehfil loudspeaker.


USB supported:

USB helps user to directly play anything.


SD card Supported:

It is also supported with SD card slot to play a file directly.


Remote control:

It is provided with wire-less remote which controls the output function of the system.


F.M RADIO Supported:

It has built-in F.M support to make your F.M radio experience wonderful. 


Karaoke Jack Feature:

It is further enhancing with its karaoke feature.


 Mehfil MH-7 Royal
 Mehfil MH-7 Royal

Wireless Portable Speaker

Brilliant choice for your Home Mehfils


Designed to perfection

It is available in green fusion lights with black and gray body which gives its overall structure a great ROYAL outlook.

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  • Yes

wired mic

  • Yes

usb port

  • Yes

micro sd card

  • Yes


  • Yes

fm radio

  • Yes


  • 5W x 2

drive unit

  • 4 inches x 2


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Lnk Kaleem
38/4 Nazd 7no Tanky Gujaranawala Cantt
Lnk Kaleem
38/4 Nazd 7no Tanky Gujaranawala Cantt



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