Mehfil MH-20

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Audionic brings you Mehfil MH-20 Hi-fi Speaker system that have been featured with Power Base Technology, delivers high-quality crystal clear sound


Mehfil MH-20 has a beautiful design available in black color which perfectly goes with the theme of your functions. The black color of speakers gives a strong, formal, sophisticated look and appropriate for any indoor and outdoor event. With its 10' inches big subwoofer this Audionic Speaker gives you a professional surround sound quality and great bass. This speaker comes with 1 Professional VFH Mic with priority speech feature. Audionic gives 1 year brand warranty with MH-20 Trolley Speakers. 


Digital LED Display feature:

It has quality digital LED display to make your visual experience the best.


Rechargeable Battery:

It carries rechargeable battery which last for long hours.


Wireless MIC:

You can experience the anchor priority MIC in different mehfil gatherings.

Ghar Ki Mehfil, Ab Rungeen, Sirf Mehfil Ke Saath

Mehfil MH-20 has follwing Features with One Year Warranty 


USB supported

USB port helps user to directly play anything from your USB.


SD card Supported:

It is also supported with SD card slot to play any file directly.


Remote control:

It is featured with wire-less remote which controls the output function of the system.


F.M RADIO Supported:

It has built-in F.M support to make your F.M radio experience wonderful.


Sub woofers:

It has 10 inches  Sub woofers + Tweeter  to give user a quality sound experience.


Multi-function RGB lights

This new feature in these speakers gives a user colorful experience in gatherings.

 Mehfil MH-20
 Mehfil MH-20

Portable Trolley Design

Amazing Sound with 10' subwoofer


Shine Your Religious Mehfil With Our New MH-20.

Color your religious gathering with our new innovative Mehfil-MH-20  all in reasonable price. Mehfil-MH-20 is supported with LED equalizer panel that helps user to adjust output. It’s trolley shape speakers allow user to place these speakers anywhere. It’s 10 inch sub-woofer give consumer extra sound quality.

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  • Rechargeable

battery capacity

  • 15 W


  • Yes

drive unit

  • 10' Inches Subwoofer + Tweeter

fm radio

  • Built-in FM Radio

aux input

  • Yes


  • Black color with Green Fusion Lights

micro sd card

  • Supported


  • 1 Year

charging time

  • 1 - 2 Hours

led display

  • Yes

usb port

  • Supported

karaoke port

  • Yes

wireless mic

  • Anchor Priority Mic


  • Yes


  • Portable Trolley Speaker


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 Portable and Rechargeable Mehfil Speakers Deliver Powerful Sound Bass and Outstanding Audio performance with Exceptional Range, full function remote controls for adjusting changing output media & levels. The most important feature of Mehfil Speakers is its Mic which gives a professional voice quality to the user. The Hi-Density sub-woofer is capable to provide high class bass output. 

Make sure your audio input source and Audionic’ Speaker system is turned on Make sure the Your AUDIONIC’S SPEAKERS are properly connected with your Audio input device. Please check the volume on the audio source and Audionic’s speakers as well

Yes, we are providing warranty with our AUDIONIC’S SPEAKERS. If you face any issue with the Audionic’s product please feel free to contact our customer support, or visit our nearest Customer Support Center.