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Welcoming Majlis with New Range of Extra Bass Speaker

In this holy month of Muharram Ul Haram, Audionic extended the Majlis series in which new addition brought for the concerned audience that want loud sound for big gatherings. Majlis speakers are just designed with big woofer size with extra bass and Bluetooth feature for wireless connectivity. The live recording feature is designed to record the events and play for big audience. All of them are rechargeable speakers that provides long term battery and extremely suitable for long duration gatherings. The launched speakers are M-120, M-125, M-150, M-180 meanwhile two more new models of REX series i.e. REX PA-90 and REX PA-95 is also launched with Majlis series which have almost same feature with reduced woofer size that are suitable for small gatherings. The company received many valued feedback and suggestions from customers and designed these speakers according to their demands. One of the most distinguished feature that is technically sound yet the most demanding is output power. The output power of these speakers is from 25W RMS to 60W RMS, depending on the model. In this series M-180 is one of the models which has 18 inches woofer speaker, which is introduced for the first time by Audionic. Not only this but Majlis M-180 has output power of 60W RMS that is quite enough and we must say it’s the loudest speaker among all the other speakers. The new range of Majlis speaker series is portable due to its trolley feature. All of them have wireless headgear microphone, two models i.e. M-150 and M-180 have also additional HD voice quality wired mic even in other models 2 karaoke jack are present to connect more mics. Like in other new models the majlis series are fully equipped with advanced specifications like USB port, SD Card slot, Aux Input, FM Radio and some of them have digital display and RGB lights too that enhances the appearance of speakers more.  The Majlis series speaker is not behind the race but actually it is one of the competitive series in sound market of Pakistan.