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In this May 2017, Dany Technologies Pvt. Ltd called out all their premier dealers and great performers to the Grand Reunion Ceremony. The venue has decided beyond one’s imagination. A place of cultural heritage and beauty where one dreams to visit. Yes, it is Turkey where the event has organized. The event was organized solely by Dany Technologies Pvt. Ltd, to motivate and encourage the efforts of the dealers who worked for the company day and night. The company always appreciates the hard work of their people. For Dany Technologies, dealers are considered as the main source of income and brand promoter in the market. The company never forgets to mention the dealer’s efforts who enhance the well reputed brand more and helps the company to grow. This ceremony helps the dealers to build a network with other dealers and motivate them by getting reward of their work. Dany Technologies Pvt. Ltd maintains a strong relationship with their dealers. According to the company, such activities should be organized atleast once in a year, not only to motivate them but to increase the confidence of the dealers that leads more efficient outcomes. Dany Technologies Pvt. Ltd is looking forward to arrange more confidence building activities in future which will engage dealers and team of the company to motivate and encourage each individual for their amount of work that contributes either little or great for the growth and success of Dany Technologies.