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Audionic decides to bring all Dealers for Umrah

Offering Umrah is what everyone wishes to experience in their Life. It’s a journey where you focus on your own spiritual well-being and forget about rest of your worries. Nothing can beat awarding someone Umrah as a reward. This habit was yet again carried out by Audionic by taking their dealers on Umrah trip.

Audionic is known in the industry, not just for its innovative products and outstanding marketing, but for having some of the most lavish and unique dealer trips. Dealer from all over Pakistan were awarded with Umrah trip. This trip not only provides dealers to offer Umrah but they were able to meet other dealers with the same dreams and aspirations. All tours, dinners and experiences were paid by Audionic as a part of their annual ‘Thank You’ to dealer who actual played their part in making Audionic what it is today. We hope these experiences will inspire many and Audionic will keep doing the needful to provide dealer what they deserved. May Allah grant us blessing to perform Umrah.