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Gear Up For Ultimate Top Quality Home Theatre!!

High bass and powerful audio speakers have become an important need of the time, especially the youth of this generation don’t want to compromise over the quality of sound. They enjoy the shaky sensation of audio with an excellent appearance of the sound system. Audionic seems always promising and willing to fill the empty spaces in the market of sound systems with their reliable products. Audionic has 10 different models of home theater and sound systems and has a vast range of other sound/audio accessories. Each one has distinguished features with best quality sound performance.


Audionic recently announced its new home theater system REBORN RB-105 which has 2.1 channel speakers for a lively audio existence that can be easily connected with your LED TV. Recently Audionic promoted Reborn RB-105 through a TV commercial with a tag line “Hila k rakhdey”, Audionic Fahad Mustafa’s Advertisement for the exciting home theater is getting viral. The wall breaking sound system’s ad is showcasing the exact features of this home theater system and is self-explanatory, with RB-105, the top-quality home theater system you will feel the real shake up, floor vibration and rocking environment. It offers powerful audio with high beats and heavy bass. The system is specifically designed for the interactive user experience that transforms the dull environment into more energetic. The fusion lights in the sound system make the environment colorful. It has built in FM Radio facility, direct plug in SD card facility, USB port and remote control facility. You can easily connect this home theater from your mobile phone or any gadget via Bluetooth.


Audionic High Quality Sound


The sound quality was the first priority that Audionic considered while designing the system. The high-quality beats and base enhance the quality of sound. For high class bass output, the 8 inches’ sub woofers with 3 inches’ x 2 satellite is being used in the unit.


Floor Standing Speaker


This top-quality home theater system is designed smartly that can be placed on floor to avoid usual table placement. The greyish black floor standing surround sound speakers has stylish design. It has two vertical satellite speakers dealing high frequencies and 1 subwoofer for low frequency.


Interactive bright feature


The cool RGB fusion lights in the sound system, makes the environment joyful. The adoption of this new feature is to enhance the customer experience.


Reborn home theater is ideally engineered for customers who are looking to buy an audio system that justifies sophisticated and modish decor, with best quality sound performance and also for those who need luxurious comfort with amplified distortion-less audio in a very affordable price of 10,900 PKR only.