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Celebrations of 70th Independence Day

The 70th Anniversary of the Independence Day of Pakistan was celebrated at Dany Technolgies’ Head Office, Karachi. Chairman, Mr. Rauf Jatelserwala hoisted the national flag of Pakistan along with all departments. The ceremony initiated with recitation of Holy Quran. It was a half day activity and the ceremony was simple but elegant where the whole staff was in Green and White dresses and enjoyed the ceremony. Mr. Rauf, Chairman Dany Technologies and Mr. Naeem, CEO Dany Technologies, delivered a motivational speech to staff. In their message, they highlight the struggles of thousands of migrants who migrated to Pakistan from India and gifted all of us an independent homeland. They said 14th August, 1947 is a day which all should remember and recall the aspirations that inspired Mr. Jinnah and other founding members. Not only this but in their speech they both motivated all the staff and asked to work hard for the positive growth of our country. As the slogan of Audionic “EK QAUM EK AWAZ”, Mr. Rauf promoted the message of standing united. The national anthem of Pakistan was played at the end of ceremony when the whole staff stands up to pay respect. Furthermore, all the offices and customer care centers of Pakistan were decorated beautifully with buntings, balloons, lights and flags. There was a cake cutting ceremony, company distributed gifts to all the staff members and also arranged delicious brunch at the end of ceremony.

Dany Technologies celebrations were not only limited to the indoor activities but the slogan message of “EK QAUM EK AWAZ” by Audionic was everywhere from Karachi to Khyber. The concept behind this slogan was to promote unity and message of peace which eliminates the hate and ethnic differences, brings brotherhood among whole community, which should be the aim of every Pakistani individual. To run this aim, the team decorated the whole country, covered almost every big and small road with banners and buntings. Big trucks with national songs on Audionic speakers with the same slogan were on the roads from small to big cities, everywhere.


Dany Technologies wishes everyone a very happy 70th Independence of Pakistan and looking forward for more beautiful years of celebrations in future with more developed Pakistan.