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Airbeat beats everything with new bluetooth earphones

Audionic introduced new products in Airbeats series. These are exclusive type of earphones which are Bluetooth enabled and can be connected upto 10m distance. It has long talk time and it is comfortable to ears that is the main purpose while design the product. Airbeat series, the portable bluetooth earphones come in mesmerizing color and compatible with all Bluetooth enabled device. The two newly launched earphones are Airbeat A5 and in which one of them has metallic look and one of them soft plastic. The wire length is 78 cm and it has long standby time. With the soft ear tips it has earlocks that fixed up with your ears and provides luxurious comfort that best to use for long time and specially during travelling. Audionic Airbeat is one of the premier series known for headphones and earphones that always come up with unique design and features. Audionic found this model more useable due to its long battery backup that allows enjoying you for more duration with lesser worries. Now with Air beat you can enjoy the sound in air while driving or riding bike without any hassle of physical connectivity, the mind blowing excruciating and modish look is ideal for trendy and stylish personalities.